Bush-front                 Bush-chassis

I purchased this radio at the Portobello Road market in London. It originates from about 1947 and is after more than 50 years still in a very good condition, except for a lost corner of the back panel at the upper right. I saw two more radios of this model at the Camden Town market in London with the same defect. I guess that the defect is caused by a burning out action of the dropper resistor close to the damaged spot.
The housing is bakelite, two bands are being covered and 5 octal type tubes are employed (CCH35, EF39, EBC33, CL33 and U31; the U31 is a Marconi tube, whereas the official schematic shows a Mullard CY31).
A special feature of this radio is that it is provided with an internal antenna.
There were no traces at all of possible repair actions. After having cleaned out the interior, I supplied 220 volts (in small steps) and the loudspeaker produced a very strong sound on many spots of the dial on both bands. The Bush DAC90 is a quite sensitive and selective receiver.
I had to do some repair work on the fixations of the dropper resistor and to glue a tear and fill a gap in the bakelite housing.

The mains connector plug was missing, but a nice person in the London area was so kind as to send me this part.


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