This radio was acquired at a radio flea market in Bergheim (Germany).
The tube line-up is as follows: VCL11 and VY2.
Judging from the schematic (the filter section contains a 2,5k resistor), my radio is a 1944 version of the model first seen in 1938. The introduction was the result of a program began in order to enable all German families the opportunity to purchase a cheap, simple radio. This allowed them to listen to Nazi propaganda broadcasts.
More information on this subject can be found on the following German site:
Gemeinschaftsempängern (VE 301, DKE 38, etc.)


The VCL11 worked, but the rectifier VY2 was defective and thus bypassed by the radio's previous owner, with a solid state diode plus series resistor (the filament was OK, so the heating circuit was not interrupted).
The smoothing capacitors were replaced with modern ones, but an Austrian/Hungarian collector was so kind as to provide me with the original capacitors, in which I 'hided' new high quality components. He also sent me a VY2 and a piece of original speaker grille cloth, which gave the radio its original appearance again. Finally the modern mains plug was replaced with an old one.

Radio sold  (2014).

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