The Erres K was one of the first radios in The Netherlands which enabled receiving broadcasting stations.  It originates from approximately 1926. This radio was kindly offered to me by a former colleague, whose father acquired it in the twenties of the previous century.


   Chassis / board  (without tubes and coils), before restoration.




The mahogany cabinet and the 4 tubes were missing, but the radio was accompanied by a rather rare coil set of Erres number I and two sets of head phones. The chassis (board) is in a rather good condition. The lower left fine tuning button is damaged, one resistor is bad and one is missing.

After cleaning the front plate the letters appeared to be in  gold.




The set was completely dismantled until the last part. The metal parts were cleaned with a little brass brush in order not to make scratches. The board was cleaned with a hand warm light soap and thereafter polished.

The restored set in a provisional cabinet. A reconstruction of the cabinet in mahogany wood is planned.

After completion of the project more details of the restoration will be provided.


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Last update:  April 17, 2012