This radio, acquired via Internet, employs following tubes: 2x ECH21, EBL21 and AZ1.

The Erres KY485 was produced in 1946 by "Van der Heem", a radio equipment manufacturer in The Hague in The Netherlands.

A "quick and dirty" test revealed that the radio worked.


Erres KY485

"Van der Heem" also produced the radio brand Aetherkruiser.  Aetherkruiser model AK1481, also originating from 1948, looks very similar to the Erres KY485, not only from a circuit point of view but also from its cabinet and chassis, as demonstrated below.


Aetherkruiser AK1481

One of the subtle differences between the models is that the Aetherkruiser uses a dial lamp specified as 6V/0,32A, whereas the Erres dial lamp is specified as 8V/0,35A.




   Belgian Erres brochure  1949     (high resolution pictures available with the webmaster)


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