The Radiomuseum is a virtual museum which offers a "complete" radio catalogue for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Collectors will find here a lot of useful information. More than 85.500 models are represented with more than 120.000 pictures, including 55.000 printable schematics. The database also includes radios from other countries and even valve (tube) data can be retrieved. Finally, the site also includes a forum where many experts discuss interesting antique radio issues.

John's Radio Web provides information on radio valves (tubes), loudspeakers and of course radios. Several restoration projects are described and illustrated by beautiful pictures. Though John's focus is on Philips radios, the visitor will also find descriptions of other Dutch radios as well as radios from other countries. Language: Dutch.    

Nederlands Forum over Oude Radio's

The Dutch Forum on Old Radios especially deals with Dutch radios. Obviously the language is Dutch, but questions in English will be taken as well. The chapter with "Tips and tricks" offers a lot of valuable information on solving general and specific problems. 

Jogi's Röhrenbude is not only about valves. Jogi (Jochen) presents a hugh variety of subjects: valves (beautiful magic eyes chapter), home construction projects, tips & tricks, repair and restoration help, extensive documentation regarding the German "Volksempfänger". You really need to see this.  Language: German.


Frank has put a lot of effort in collecting tube data. This is for sure one of the most versatile tube sites.

The virtual Hungarian Radiomuseum, set up by collector Selyem Tóth Sándor, describes radio factories and production in Hungary. With the aid of a searching tool the radios in the collection can be retrieved, a.o. the Orion radios present in my own collection. Language: Hungarian, partly also in English.  


Hungarian site of Perneky Sándor in  Veröce (40 km from Budapest) with a lot of radios. Unfortunately the site is only in Hungarian language.



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Last update:  February 15, 2018