The Magnadyne S51 is an Italian radio which I acquired via an auction at the Internet. 

There are two completely different versions of this model.  An early version from 1937 is only covering the MW tuning range, has no magic eye and has the following tube line-up: 6A7, 6D6, 75, 42 and 80. 

My radio is the later version from 1940, covers 4 wave bands (MW, LW and 2 SW), has the following tube line-up: WE20=ECH3, 6BN8G, 6V6G, 80 and WE18=EFM1 (magic eye). The radio is housed in a wooden cabinet (WxHxD 44,5x35,3x38,0 cm) and operates on AC (110, 125, 140, 155, 175 or 230 V). The schematic and appearance of the later model S51 is quite similar to model SV52.



   The model designation S51 is depicted on the dial glass (left picture).   
   The tube 6BN8G is a special one.  It is not the common version with a noval base but with an octal base (manufactured by Fivre).


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Last update:  January 3, 2006