The Orion 140A originates from 1956 (Hungary).
The receiver is housed in a wooden cabinet and covers two bands (MW and SW).
Tubes employed: UCH21, UBL21, UF21, UY1N.

Orion140-front         Orion140-back

I got the Orion 140A as a gift from the owners of our holiday house in Badacsonytomaj, a village on the board of the Balaton lake in Hungary.
A visual inspection did not reveal damage to electronic components. Only the dial lamp appeared to be defective (no big deal .....).
After supplying 220 Volt (in steps), local and also more distant stations could be heard on both bands. Nevertheless the radio needs restoration (new coating on the case, cleaning of interior and realigning).

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Last update:  December 21, 2005