Philco model 252 originates from 1932-1933.  Electrically this model is equivalent to model 224 and is, according to the printed text ("EXPORT") on the bottom of the chassis, obviously produced in the USA for export to Europe.  USA sources (Rider's manuals, Philco books or databases) do not make mention of this model.  I am very much interested to know more about the history of this model.
The housing is a wooden cabinet of the well known cathedral type.
Tubes employed: 36, 44, 36, 42 and 80.

chassis bottom   chassis 1   chassis 2

Chassis after partial restoration.

The radio had the following main defects:
1. audio output tube replaced by an EL33 (so original socket replaced and wiring modified)
2. original speaker (with field coil) replaced by a "modern" type
3. PU entrance removed
4. original front replaced
5. coil housing dented.

I dismantled the radio until the last screw and piece of wire.  The chassis was cleaned and the top was coated with a zinc spray.  The variable capacitor and padders were dismantled, cleaned and remounted.  The same story holds for the RF and IF coils, the capacitor block and trimmers. The block condensors were emptied and provided with new components.  Thereafter the blocks were sealed again with black wax.
The dent in the coil housing was removed by carefully pressing a wooden model of the proper size into it.
Many resistors were too far off-value.  Most of the time they were too high and I corrected their value by mounting a small size resistor with the appropriate value in parallel.

In the meantime the radio is fully electrically restored and it functions quite well.
Only the volume control does not function properly.  The volume potentiometer has a total resistance of more than 800 kohm.  Judging from the schematic, this value cannot be right.  Unfortunately the schematic does not mention any value.

chassis a   chassis b   chassis c

Chassis after full restoration

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