I found my Philco 48-200 during a trip through California (USA) in April 2006 in an antique shop in Wynola (4326 Highway 78, 3 miles west of Julian).

It appeared to be in a reasonable condition. Only the back-panel was severely warped, due to exposure to moisture, but this defect has been corrected already.

The shop had a few more tube radios for sale, but those were too young and did not fit in my collection.


The Philco 48-200 originates from 1948 and is housed in a bakelite cabinet with an ivory coating (consequently the model is 48-200-I). 

Technical information:

  • principle:heterodyne receiver
  • IF = 455 kHz
  • tube line-up: 7A8, 14A7, 14B6, 50A5 and 35Z5GT (in earlier production the last two tubes were 50L6GT and 35Y4)
  • power 105-120 V AC/DC
  • waveband: MW (540-1620 kHz).



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