The Philco model 80B is a "poor man's radio", originating from the early thirties, the period that America (and the rest of the world) was in a great depression. So radio manufacturers designed low cost receivers, like the 4 tube (36, 36, 42 and 80) Philco Junior model 80B.
The housing is a cathedral from two-tone wood, with a center front window dial.

Philco also produced a model 80 (the "Colonial Clock) and a table model (80C). More details can be found in Ron Ramiraz' book "Philco Radio 1928-1942".


I bought this radio on the annual "Rock around the Jukebox" happening in the "Autotron" in Rosmalen in The Netherlands. When I switched the radio on, it produced a loud hum. The smoothing capacitor appeared to be leaky and after I had put a small new capacitor in the original can, several strong stations could be heard.
I found out that one of the 36 tubes was replaced by a 42 and so I put a request for a 36 tube. This request resulted in an offer for a 36 tube. However, the tube involved was attached to a radio (a Philco 252) ! I decided to buy this radio and that step was the real start of my antique radio collection.

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