The picture below left shows the chassis of a Philips 535A, "decorated by an artist". I acquired this chassis plus cabinet in exchange for a bottle of Dutch old geneva.

The blue coating really covered  the whole top surface of the chassis and even penetrated through holes, like the sockets of the tubes.  In the meantime a lot of efforts have been made to refurbish the radio and the chassis is already close to its original condition again.  The picture below right is indicating the current status of the chassis (tubes were put in provisionally for the photo only and not all parts are on its place yet).

Unfortunately the sign at the back of the chassis (indicating the model 535A), the loudspeaker plus grille and back-panel as well as a electrolytic capacitor are missing.  In The Netherlands this capacitor is called a "paddestoel-elco", in view of the shape of this component.

The radio is not in my collection anymore.


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Last update:  September 20, 2014